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Tours & Activities

Adult Full Day (Over 15 years of age)	$55.00
Adult Half Day (Over 15 years of age)	$35.00 after 12pm weekdays

Adult Ticket

Price $35.00 — $55.00

Junior Full Day $40.00 Half Day $20.00 
Pee Wee Full Day $20.00 Half Day $15.00

Junior & Pee Wee Ticket

Price $15.00 — $40.00

Junior training school for bikes up to 150 cc. Come and learn skills like correct standing position, braking and Picking up your bike. There is a strict limit of 10 rider per class, so get your ticket early to avoid disappointment.

Junior Training School

From $70.00

This class is for those experienced juniors and budding adult riders that are wanting to improve their skills. This class will cover off on Correct standing position, Braking, riding ruts and nailing berms. There is a STRICT limit of 10 riders per class, get in early to avoid disappointment.

Experienced Junior training session

From $70.00

This is the class for senior riders and good juniors to lean how to become better riders with our super star coach, Nathan Crawford of 00 Standards. This class will cover Cornering, riding whoops, getting your line selection right and will be held on WMX's Natural Terrain track.

Senior Trainging school

From $95.00